M & G Kettle Korn
It's Mighty Good!

 Enjoy a sweet and salty treat that's actually good for you.

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What makes M&G so special?
Our kettle corn is made with GMO free corn, GMO free expeller pressed corn oil, pure cane sugar and uniodized salt.  It is peanut and tree nut free, soy and dairy free and cholesterol free.  It has nutritious fiber and only 160 calories per two cup serving.

Where can you find us?  Look for our shelf at select local markets.

Atkins Farm Markets, Amherst, MA Flagship and North Amherst stores under name "Orchard Run"

Country Trading Post (Chicopee MA)

NOW - totally GMO free kettle corn made with fair trade organic cane sugar at River Valley Coop in Northampton!

Looking for Kettle Korn in Greenfield this fall? 

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