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The kettle corn you love at fairs and festivals!

How good is it?

   I can't tell you how many times we have heard "I don't like kettle corn" until they taste ours and say "This is really good!"   

Best idea ever for holiday gatherings and gifts!

  Need a custom order or extra large bags to be delivered locally (within 100 miles of Belchertown)?  Just contact us by email and we will be glad to work with you.

How much should I order?

At one of our fairs a family was trying to decide what size bag to get - Medium or Large.  Mom was leaning toward the Medium when one of the chlidren piped up and said "You know, Mom, kids LOVE kettle corn."  

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How long does it keep?

Our kettle corn keeps best in a closed container.  Twist-tied plaastic bags a couple of weeks and heat sealed bags up to four weeks.  If you would like to refresh it or make it taste like it just came out of the popper, place the corn on a cookie sheet and warm it in a low temperature oven (150-200 degrees F) for a few minutes.  Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get too brown.

Kettle corn at the Fair

Keep your senses tuned to the aroma and the sound of popping corn.  You will know when a fresh batch is being made.  It only takes about 4-5 minutes from start to finish, including seasoning and cooling, before we can fill the bag just for you.   

Here's a great fair tip: twist the tie around your finger, so you don't lose it while you're reaching in to grab a handful of goodness.   

Can't finish the bag - freeze it!

A fresh bag can actually be put in the freezer and kept for weeks.  There is no moisture in the corn - that's what expanded, causing it to pop in the kettle.  Just take out a serving and enjoy!  You may want to use the previous tip to crisp it up, but it is acceptable, if cold, right from the freezer.  Or warm it up as described above.


Here are some excerpts from Weaver Popcorn's website and others regarding the GMO issue:

Frequently Asked Questions   

Are your products GMO-free?  Weaver Popcorn Company only grows popcorn from non-genetically modified seed. 

Is Pop Weaver gluten-free?  Yes. There is no wheat, barley, rye, or oats gluten in any Pop Weaver popcorn or in any of our raw material ingredients.    

Does Pop Weaver contain nut ingredients and/or is Pop Weaver made in a facility that handles nuts?  Pop Weaver microwave popcorn and 50lb bags of kernels do not contain nut ingredients and are manufactured in a separate building on separate equipment from any of our products that do contain peanuts and/or tree nuts.  

Is your popcorn whole grain?  Yes, popcorn is inherently a whole grain.

Click to learn from a leading expert on GMOs

And here's the word from the farmer's mouth

How to Avoid GMO Popcorn By Brian Scott • October 03, 2014   Originally posted at The Farmer's Life blog.  

Avoiding the consumption of genetically modified, or GMO, popcorn is very easy. All anyone needs to do is eat popcorn. Simple as can be. As this post is written (August 2014) there is no GMO popcorn on store shelves nor is there any available for farmers to grow. I raise popcorn for Weaver Popcorn, and they currently have no plans to explore any biotech traits. I’m not even aware of anyone working on a GMO popcorn (remember popcorn is different from field corn, waxy corn and sweet corn).